Commuter Programs

“Our associates have benefited greatly from the commuter information, advocacy, and programs provided.”

-Foley Hoag LLP

Commuter Programs

Commuter programs are free to employees of Seaport TMA member companies and encourage commuters to use sustainable modes of transportation.

Carpool Program

Share the ride to work and be rewarded with gas cards and reserved parking. We’ll match you with other employee(s) who live and work near you, making carpooling convenient. Choose when and how often you want to carpool. Details

Guaranteed Ride Home

You won’t have to worry about being stuck at work if you work overtime and miss the last commuter rail train, if you have a personal emergency or illness, or if your carpool partner needs to leave early or stay late. We will give you up to four free rides home per year using taxi vouchers. Fare and tip are included. There is no cost to you to participate in the program. Details

MyBike Discount

If your bike is broken, MyBike – a local repair shop in South Boston – will either fix it at your workplace, or fix it at their shop and return it to you within 24 hours – concierge service. With the Seaport TMA partnership program, you can receive 20% off any of MyBike’s annual repair membership packages and other discounts at the shop. Details

Zipcar Discount

Get a deal on Zipcar car sharing service including a waived application fee, and both a discounted annual membership and discounted driving hours. With 1,000+ vehicles throughout Boston, including the South Boston Waterfront, drive Zipcars by the hour to get to meetings, or for personal errands. Since gas and insurance are included, Zipcars can be less expensive than rental cars or taxis – and you can leave your car at home too. Details

Try Transit

Tired of driving alone to work but not convinced taking transit is a feasible option? We will pay $50 of your transit pass each month for up to three months if you change your mode to using transit. We also register you in our Guaranteed Ride Home program so you won’t have to worry about being stuck at work without your car. Details

NuRide: Rewards for a Greener Commute

Get Rewards for taking Greener Trips. Sign-up for NuRide, Massachusetts’ green commute rewards program. Record your green trips anytime you walk, bike, use transit, or telecommute to earn points, and redeem your points for discounts near you. Details