“We’re grateful to the Seaport TMA for making this a vibrant and accessible neighborhood.”

Rethink Robotics, Inc.


South Boston Waterfront Calendar of Events

Our monthly calendar includes area events expected to draw 1,000 to several thousand attendees and which may impact commuting (parking, traffic, transit) and area activity.

South Boston Waterfront Calendar of Events – February 2018

MBTA Discusses the Future of the Silver Line

The future of the Silver Line was a topic of discussion during a December meeting of the MBTA’s Fiscal and Management Control Board. The T’s management team provided an update on the state of the current fleet, shedding light on the T’s vision for the next generation of the Silver Line.

The existing fleet used for the SL1 and SL2 routes entered service in 2004. A total of 32 sixty-foot dual-mode articulating (DMA) buses run on electric batteries inside the 2.2 miles of transitway tunnel beneath the South Boston Waterfront and switch over to diesel on surface roads. The buses must Run on electric batteries with zero emissions in the tunnel because the transitway is not ventilated. Electricity is supplied to the buses by overhead catenary wires which are automatically lowered when entering diesel mode. These 32 vehicles are unique to the Silver Line and are not used anywhere else in the MBTA system.

Since 2014, five to six buses at a time have been sent to Maine to be refurbished in an effort to extend their useful life. All 32 will have completed refurbishment by March 2018, although despite being refurbished, the current fleet will need to be retired in the next five years.

The MBTA has begun exploring options for the next generation of the Silver Line. The T’s goal is to procure a new fleet of all-electric buses that do not require overhead catenary as part of a larger goal to improve standardization and versatility of the T’s overall fleet. To begin examining fleet options the T has ordered five 60’ electric battery buses that will be delivered for testing on the SL1 & SL2 in late-2018. In addition, the T has also ordered a “test” 60’ diesel hybrid with hush mode that allows the bus to go fully electric in the transitway tunnel. Testing of these six vehicles will inform decisions about the procurement of a new, expanded fleet.

During the December FMCB meeting, both the MBTA’s Deputy General Manager and the T’s Director of Vehicle Fleet Strategy estimated that after vehicle testing and development of an RFP the new fleet could be in operation by 2022. In addition, the Secretary of Transportation noted during the meeting that the need to fast-track the procurement of a new Silver Line fleet is a priority project.

The number of vehicles that will be ordered during the next procurement has not been determined, though it’s clear that more than 32 buses are needed to keep pace with the demand for Silver Line service. The continued growth of the South Boston Waterfront coupled with passenger growth at Logan Airport will require a significant increase of the existing fleet. Massport has committed to purchasing 16 of the Silver Line vehicles as part of the MBTA’s procurement, with the remainder to be purchased by the MBTA.


Hubway Expansion

Boston will host a number of community planning workshops this fall to discuss the upcoming expansion of the regional public bike share system, known as Hubway.  The 28 workshops are part of a nearly year-long effort to bring bike share to new neighborhoods and add capacity in the existing service area.See below for a full listing of the bike share workshops:

09/09/17 BCYF Curley 1163 Columbia Rd South Boston 10:00 AM
09/13/17 BCYF Hennigan 200 Heath St Jamaica Plain 6:00 PM
09/14/17 Grove Hall Branch Library 41 Geneva Ave Dorchester 6:00 PM
09/16/17 BCYF Blackstone 50 W Brookline St South End 10:00 AM
09/19/17 BCYF Mattahunt 100 Hebron St Mattapan 6:00 PM
09/20/17 BCYF Menino 125 Brookway Rd Roslindale 6:00 PM
09/23/17 Connolly Branch Library 433 Centre St Jamaica Plain 10:00 AM
09/27/17 Central Library, Orientation Room 700 Boylston St Back Bay 6:00 PM
09/28/17 Charlestown Branch Library 179 Main St Charlestown 6:00 PM
10/03/17 Hill House 127 Mt Vernon St Beacon Hill 6:00 PM
10/04/17 Fenway Community Center 1282 Boylston St Fenway 6:00 PM
10/11/17 BCYF Nazzaro 30 N Bennet St North End 6:00 PM
10/12/17 South Boston Branch Library 646 E Broadway South Boston 6:00 PM
10/14/17 Honan-Allston Branch Library 300 N Harvard St Allston 10:00 AM
10/16/17 Adams Street Branch Library 690 Adams St Ashmont 6:00 PM
10/18/17 Mildred Ave K-8 School 5 Mildred Ave Mattapan 6:00 PM
10/19/17 Brighton Branch Library 40 Academy Hill Rd Brighton 6:00 PM
10/21/17 Codman Square Branch Library 690 Washington St Codman Square 10:00 AM
10/24/17 East Boston Social Center 68 Central Square East Boston 6:30 PM
10/25/17 Tenants Development Corporation 23 Wellington Street South End 6:00 PM
10/26/17 Roslindale Community Center 6 Cummins Hwy Roslindale 6:00 PM
10/28/17 BCYF Tobin 1481 Tremont St Mission Hill 11:00 AM
10/30/17 BCYF Jackson/Mann 500 Cambridge St Allston 6:00 PM
11/02/17 BCYF Quincy 885 Washington St Chinatown 6:30 PM
11/04/17 BCYF Charlestown 255 Medford St Charlestown 10:00 AM
11/09/17 BCYF Curtis Hall 20 South St Jamaica Plain 6:00 PM
11/15/17 Upham’s Corner Health Center 415 Columbia Rd Dorchester 6:00 PM
11/16/17 Bruce C. Bolling Building 2300 Washington St Roxbury 6:00 PM

Community members are also invited to suggest locations online at .  BTD will review the suggestions from public workshops and online to create draft maps of potential locations.  These maps will be shared on the website and will be available for comment during public open houses in early spring of 2018.  More information about the planning process is available at


Red Line testing on Track 61

The MBTA plans to test the new Red Line cars on Track 61, the track adjacent to Haul Road. Read more about the plans to test.

View public meeting presentation from June 29th here.


Imagine Boston

Imagine Boston released their final plan on July 11th.

View entire plan on their website.


GoBoston 2030

The City of Boston released the GoBoston 2030 plan on March 7th that outlines the Transportation Vision Plan.

View the entire plan

View our summary of projects slated for the South Boston Waterfront


Flexible Meter Pricing in the South Boston Waterfront

Mayor Walsh announced on December 1st a Performance Parking Pilot to test variable parking rates at parking meters in the South Boston Waterfront. The one-year pilot is intended to study the relationship between the cost of parking and the demand for parking. Starting on January 3, 2017 parking meter rates in the area adjusted according the average occupancy of the parking spot.

From the Boston Transportation Department:

“In the Seaport, the demand for on street parking changes throughout the day. For this reason, the parking pilot in the Seaport will employ parking meter sensors to adjust parking prices based on parking occupancy, and parking spot location. Prices will be re-set every two months, and will remain consistent in two-month increments. Prices will stabilize when occupancy reaches the target of 85 percent, about one space open per block.”

“On January 3, 2017 all meters in the Seaport pilot area will be priced at $1.50 an hour and adjust by 50 cents every two months. Approximately 591 metered spots will be adjusted over 40 blocks. High demand blocks will increase by 50 cents, while lower occupied blocks decrease by 50 cents. The minimum price will be $1 per hour, and the maximum price will be $4 per hour. Price will vary by four time bands (weekdays 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.; 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.; 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. and all day Saturday). Prices will be posted on meters and available online.”

The goal of the pilot is to encourage turnover of high-demand metered parking spots. Studies in other cities have shown that more frequent turnover of parking spaces is beneficial to surrounding retail businesses. Additionally, studies have also shown that up to 30% of street traffic in cities can often be attributed to cars circling looking for parking. Increasing turnover of parking spaces can help increase opportunities to find a metered parking spot.

A portion of all revenue collected through the pilot will be reinvested locally in the areas in which it was collected. This is the first change to parking meter rates in the City of Boston since 2011.

Seaport TMA will monitor the impacts of the Performance parking Pilot and will deliver feedback from our members on the program to the City of Boston for evaluation. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

There will be a minimum price of $1 and a maximum price of $4 per hour. City will use sensors to analyze parking patterns and determine how many drivers are using each block in the pilot area.


MassCommute Bicycle Challenge

The 2017 MassCommute Bicycle Challenge was held from May 13th – 21st, the same weekend as Bay State Bike Week.

Massachusetts residents and employees rode a grand total of 151,097 Miles this year!

The annual Bike Bash celebration for MCBC participants will took place on May 31, 2017 from 5:30-7:30pm at Flat Top Johnny’s in Kendall Square. View photos of the event.

You can see photos from MCBC over the years on their Facebook page here.


Reebok moves to the Innovation and Design Building

Shoe company Reebok will move this fall (2017) to the Innovation and Design Building. Read more about the move in the Boston Globe article.



South Boston Waterfront

South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan

The South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan is being conducted in order to define and prioritize transportation system investments needed over the next two decades due to the rapid pace of development in the area. The study was completed in January 2015 and the plan is in the implementation phase.

In August 2015, a progress report was released by the South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan Committee detailing short-term improvements to the transportation network in the district. You can read the progress report here. A map depicting recent transportation improvements can also be found here.

Details on The Plan and the Seaport TMA’s involvement can be found on our Resources page here.

Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage installation has begun! Post on social media with #WalkSWB with your comments.

MBTA updates

MBTA Night Bus

The future of over night service will be bus-only because of the overnight repair needs of the T’s subway system.

Other News

Park & Pedal seeks to make bicycle commuting more accessible

Park & Pedal is a free network of parking lot hubs conveniently located bicycling distance from employment destinations in Boston, allowing commuters to park their cars in designated areas, and bike the rest of the way to work.

Parking in these hubs removes the distance barrier for some commuters who may like to bike but live too far from work. It also helps those driving to avoid urban congestion by parking outside the urban core and biking the rest of the way to into the city.

Park & Pedal locations include Medford, Revere, Newton, Watertown, Brighton, West Roxbury, Dorchester, and Roxbury. You can view locations on a map here.

Rejjee: A bicycle registration program

Rejjee is a web site and mobile application which provides individuals a place to register their personal property – such as bicycles – and report it when it is lost or stolen.

In the event of theft of a bicycle or other personal property, users can report it from their mobile devices, and have the report viewable by all local and state law enforcement, pawn shops, bike shops, and online shoppers. This prevents bicycles and other personal property from theft and resale.

New Rejjee users can create an account on their web site here, as well as download the mobile application for iOS and Android.