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Seaport TMA affiliates are eligible for discounted personal Zipcar car sharing including reduced weekday rates, more than half off the annual fee, and exemption from the application fee!

With 1,000+ vehicles throughout Boston, including the South Boston Waterfront, drive Zipcars by the hour to run errands or get to meetings. Since gas and insurance are included, Zipcars can be less expensive than rental cars or taxis—and you can leave your car at home too.

Employees and tenants of Seaport TMA member companies are eligible for this affiliate discount.

Where are there Zipcars near my work?

Zipcar stations in the South Boston Waterfront are located:

  • 35 Thomson Place/Zipcar Headquarters
  • 75 Northern Avenue Parking Lot
  • 88 Black Falcon Avenue
  • Drydock Avenue
  • 315 on A/ 315 A Street
  • A Street Parking Lot
  • Atlantic Wharf/280 Congress Street Garage
  • Across from Boston Children’s Museum
  • Seaport Garage

You can also click here to find Zipcars in the South Boston Waterfront by using Zipcar’s location map.
From the “Find Cars by Location” menu, select “Boston – Financial District/Seaport.

How to join Zipcar for less:

  • To join, simply visit and complete the online application. The Seaport TMA will receive your request and approve you as an affiliate.
  • If you currently hold a personal Zipcar membership and wish to be added onto the affiliate discount, email with your full name and Zip card number.

About Zipcar:

  • Zipcar offers 10,000+ vehicles by the hour or day available in 17+ cities across the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  • To use Zipcar, simply search and reserve online, walk to the vehicle location, and scan in using your personal Zip card.
  • Visit for a brief tutorial.
  • Each reservation includes gas, insurance, and 180 miles of driving (per 24 hours).

Seaport TMA weekday driving discount:

Fees Seaport TMA Standard members
One time Application Fee $0 $35
Annual Membership Fee $35 $70
 Weekday rates
Hourly Rates $10.75 flat rate $10 – $15
Daily Rates (24 hour period) $79 flat rate $79 – $120
7am – 7pm rate $69 N/A
BMWs, convertibles, Mercedes and cargo vans do not apply to the Seaport TMA discount.

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