Try Transit

“Our associates have benefited greatly from the commuter information, advocacy, and programs provided.”

-Foley Hoag LLP

Try Transit

About Program:

Tired of driving alone to work but not convinced taking transit is a feasible option? We will pay $50 of your transit pass each month for three months if you try taking transit as part of your commute.

  • Employees of Seaport TMA member companies are eligible to enroll in Try Transit.
  • The Seaport TMA provides eligible participants who currently drive alone to work with a $50 commuter check each month for up to three months, which can be used towards your purchase of an MBTA pass, private bus carrier pass, or other mass transit pass.
  • Employees who currently drive alone to work and agree to give up any parking subsidies are eligible. If you are already taking public transit to work and/or receiving a company transit pass subsidy, you are not eligible.
  • Fill out the online registration form. Once your registration is processed, we will send your first $50 Commuter Check.
  • We will automatically register in Guaranteed Ride Home, which provides a free ride home via taxi in case of emergency, illness or unexpected overtime while at work when you aren’t driving to work.
  • In order to receive your next commuter check, you must complete the monthly report at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the next month so that you will receive your check in time to purchase your pass.
  • After the three months is up, you may be eligible for a transit subsidy through your employer. If you sign up for the transit subsidy through your employer before your three months in Try Transit is up, you will not be able to use the Commuter Check vouchers to pay for your pass, since the cost of your transit pass is typically deducted automatically from your paycheck, and the voucher must be used to purchase a pass in person.
  • In order to enroll we must receive your request by 5th of the month prior. For example: December 5 is the last day to enroll for the January benefit.

Important Try Transit program notes:

  • This program is for commuters who are new to using transit and are seeking to shift away from driving to work.
  • Only new transit riders are eligible for this program. If you receive a transit subsidy through your employer, you are not eligible.
  • The Seaport TMA reserves the right to verify your commute mode/status with your employer.
  • The Seaport TMA also reserves the right to limit the number of participants who can participate at once at each Seaport TMA member company.
  • If you have already participated in Try Transit and have received three months of subsidies from the Seaport TMA, you have completed the program and are no longer eligible.