Guaranteed Ride Home

“Our associates have benefited greatly from the commuter information, advocacy, and programs provided.”

-Foley Hoag LLP

Guaranteed Ride Home

About the Program:

  • Employees of Seaport TMA member companies are eligible to enroll in Guaranteed Ride Home.
  • You must pre-register to use the program.
  • Leave your car at home and don’t worry about getting “stuck” at work.
  • We will give you a free ride home via taxi in the event of an emergency, illness, or unexpected overtime while at work.
  • Your ride is fully paid for using taxi cab vouchers. You get up to four vouchers a year for your ride.
  • Fare and tip are included. Participation is free.
  • To be eligible for this program, you must commit to using a sustainable commute mode (using transit, carpooling, biking, walking – not driving by yourself) at least two days a week.

What happens when I register?

  • Once your registration is processed, we will send you your first taxi cab voucher along with program instructions and a usage confirmation report form.
  • Put the voucher and confirmation report in a safe place so you will have it when you need it. If you misplace your voucher, we are happy to send you a replacement – however, each replacement counts as one of your four yearly uses.
  • When you need to use your ride, call the telephone number on the cab voucher.
  • When you arrive at your destination, fill in the fare, tip and tolls.
  • Give the voucher to the cab driver, but keep the tear-off receipt or one of the copies of the voucher for yourself. You need to submit this along with the confirmation report form to the Seaport TMA. A printed receipt from the cab driver can also be submitted.
  • Complete the Usage Confirmation Report and submit it with your supervisor’s signature, along with the cab voucher receipt/printed receipt within 7 days of use. Once that is processed, we will send you your next cab voucher.

When can I use the Guaranteed Ride Home?

  • Unexpected family illness or family emergency while at work.
  • Unexpected, unscheduled overtime at the signed request of a supervisor.
  • Change in vanpool or carpool (such as driver unexpectedly leaves work early or has to work later than you).
  • Unexpected personal illness while at work.

Please note the following are not appropriate uses of the program:

  • Pre-scheduled appointments – medical/doctor appointments scheduled in advance.
  • Pre-established medical conditions – such as recovering from back surgery or having a cast on your foot.
  • Weather related inconveniences (exception made for bicycle commuters in the event it is unsafe to bike home).
  • Pre-arranged, pre-scheduled overtime including social events and work-related activities (example: client/co-worker dinners).
  • Business-related travel, personal errands or leisure trips.
  • Rides to work.
  • MBTA/other transit breakdowns, delays, schedule changes or personal tardiness resulting in missing a transit connection.
  • Someone using a voucher who is not the registered participant.

Register for Guaranteed Ride Home here.