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-Foley Hoag LLP


Ridematching and Rewards

Interested in sharing the ride to work? The Seaport TMA will facilitate carpool matching, as well as reward registered carpools with gas cards for up to six months.

We’ll match you with other employee(s) who live and work near you, making carpooling convenient. You choose when and how often you want to carpool.

Employees of Seaport TMA member companies are eligible to enroll in Carpool matching and rewards.

How to participate in the Seaport TMA Carpool program:

Step 1: Register for the Carpool program, and then the Seaport TMA will check our Listings for a potential carpool match or an existing carpool you may be able to join.

Step 2: View current Carpool Listing on our web site. See someone with a similar commute? Let us know. We will reference the listing, and try to connect you with potential or active carpools via email. Or, if you’re already carpooling, make sure your partner(s) also register.

Step 3: Once you’re registered and carpooling, one member of your carpool should submit the monthly Carpool Report. Active carpools earn a $25 gas card each month for up to six months by submitting the monthly report.

Why carpool? When sharing the ride to work with other rider(s), benefits may include:

  • Reserved parking for carpoolers at parking facility
  • Rewards of up to 6 monthly gas cards from the Seaport TMA (if you and your carpool partner both work for Seaport TMA member companies, as long as you submit your online monthly report)
  • Discounted carpool transponder from MassDOT (if a 3+ person carpool) for the MassPike and Sumner/Callahan Tunnels (click here for more info)
  • Less spent on gas, should carpoolers decide to share the cost
  • A break from driving, should carpoolers choose to alternate drivers
  • Spared mileage for your car, when carpooling with alternating vehicles
  • Reducing vehicle emissions and helping the environment
  • Lessening traffic by putting fewer cars on the road

What if my carpool partner or I need to leave work early or late?

Register for the Seaport TMA Guaranteed Ride Home program – and you’ll have a free ride home if either you or your carpool partner has an unexpected emergency, illness, or overtime – and you won’t be stuck at work.

How do the gas card rewards work?

To receive the full six months of gas cards, you must have at least two members in the carpool who work for a Seaport TMA member company. Otherwise, the carpool is eligible for three months of gas cards. All members of your carpool who are employees of a Seaport TMA member company must register for the Carpool program.

You must also complete a carpool report each month to earn your gas card. If you do not submit a report by the deadline, you forfeit that month’s gas card. The Seaport TMA will issue a registered carpool a $25 gas card per month for six months, after all carpool members have been registered for one full month, as long as the monthly Carpool Report is received for the previous month by the 7th of the current month.

After your carpool has been registered for one full month, complete and submit the Carpool Report by the deadline. (Example: if your carpool registers in December, submit your Carpool Report for January by February 7).

Gas cards will be sent to the carpool member submitting the monthly Carpool Report. It is up to the carpool to agree upon how the reward is used/dispersed. The Seaport TMA will not make any determinations in this regard.